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Roman Catholicism

A Catholic on the Reformation

The Holy Spirit has given gifts to all people who love Jesus and follow him as Lord.

Honor for Lamy of Santa Fe

Bishop Jean-Baptiste Lamy faced conflict and put down stable roots, but died with unfinished visions.

The Boss and Catholicism: Springsteen’s memoirs

Springsteen’s world remains one of “great and harsh beauty, of fantastic stories, of unimaginable punishment and infinite reward.” The world is “dark and beatific,” a place of intense grace but also where we can turn into devils.

‘Valid in a Certain Context’

Cardinal Francesco Coccopalmerio reflects on Pope Leo XIII’s rejection of Anglican orders.

Treats for the Pope

Anglicans in Rome greet Pope Francis with questions and homemade delicacies.

Everywhere, always, and by all: The character of Catholic teaching

Fr. Mac Stewart reviews two volumes in patristics, concerned especially with the character of Catholic doctrine.

Incompatible ecumenism? Dialogues on communion, ordination, and primacy

Have Anglicans made incompatible commitments to different Christian churches in ecumenical dialogue?

The scandal of Christian division, again: A letter

The Body of Christ has a history that may be mapped, discussed, and studied; it continues to suffer various indignities and worse until the End; and the teachings of its churches undergo various changes.

Confessing Christ: Pope Peter?

Bede points to Peter’s exaltation (historical and, it seems ongoing) over the other apostles as a sign: that those who would enter the Church and be saved must remain in the faith of Peter and in the fellowship of the Church.

Feeding God together: An ecumenism of mercy

When Christians come together to serve the Lord in works of mercy, something very beautiful happens. Our eyes move from our all-too-present divisions to touching Christ in one of the only ways we can together: as he comes to us in the poor.


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