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Roman Catholicism

Roman Catholicism Aims for a ‘Synodal Church’

In 2025, churches will mark the 1,700th anniversary of the Council of Nicaea, which promulgated the creed professed to this day by the vast...

Wearing, Eating, Loving: The Haptics of Christ-Cloven Flesh

Around 2014 I read a striking repudiation of “Christian family values.” This in itself is nothing surprising, what struck me was that this came...

Gift of God, or Invention of the Antichrist?

Church of the Ever Greater God: The Ecclesiology of Erich Pryzwara By Aaron Pidel Notre Dame, IN: University of Notre Dame Press, 2020, pp. 324, $60. Fr....

Prime Minister’s Son Baptized a Catholic

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson's decision to have his infant son baptized at a Roman Catholic cathedral skirts close to a 19th century law that bars Catholics from the nation's highest elected office.

Former Chaplain to Queen Elizabeth Becomes Roman Catholic

Gavin Ashenden had already left the Church of England, saying it had strayed from biblical orthodoxy.

‘The First Post-conciliar Pope’

A half-century after Vatican II, Pope Francis has moved the church past any conception of itself as a “perfect society” defined by separation from the world.

Caroline Divines for Today

The Caroline Divines positioned themselves as ardent practitioners of the Church of England’s liturgical order, spiritual discipline, canonical resources, and homiletic traditions.

Walker Percy, Doctor of Malaise and Desire

How can the individual find sanity in a sick and dying culture?

Sex and Grace in the Life of Texas Guinan

Mary Louise Cecilia "Texas" Guinan loved to shock people. "Hello, suckers," she was famous for saying as she entered her club each night.

Catholics and prayer in public schools

The conjunction of two recent articles on American Catholic history, specifically the history of prayer in schools, provides a timely warning for church involvement in politics.


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