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Roman Catholic

Prominent Anglican Bishop Joins Catholic Church

A prominent and retired Church of England bishop once tipped to become a future Archbishop of Canterbury has been received into the Catholic Church,...

Agreement on Ecclesiology

ARCIC: The church is “a community in which the Holy Spirit is alive and active.”

Receiving ministries, Anglican and Roman Catholic

The texts of the ecumenical Vespers in Rome addressed the theme of grace, unity, and pastoral ministry in complex ways.

Catechesis of the Good Shepherd: The gold standard in children’s education

Catechesis of the Good Shepherd exhibits confidence in the gifts God has given the Church, and calls the whole child to encounter God.

Why Anglicans should pray the rosary

The prayers of the rosary are designed, not to give us a way of bypassing Jesus, but to take us right to him.

Reading Paul for the unity of the Church

How might one read Paul in a way that furthers the cause of visible Christian unity?

Crystal Cathedral Revisited

How the Diocese of Orange’s vision compares with what architect Mathew Alderman wrote in 2012.

Walter Kasper’s Theology

By Michael Cover For Cardinal Kasper, Vatican II is very much still in its initial stages of reception.

From Meetinghouse to House of God

Reverse Engineering the Crystal Cathedral

Receiving Universal Primacy

Mary Tanner writes: “The Roman Catholic Church must give a convincing form to the Petrine ministry to make it possible for others to share.”


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