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Jesus Rock, with Endnotes

Larry Norman’s life would be rich soil for a biographer who works from a critical distance.

Of Majesty and Mystery

David Lee Bozeman: “I think the death of Christianity in the West is mainly due to lack of proper liturgical worship, among other things.”

Reconciled: Steve Miller and St. Mark’s School

“Steve Miller forgave St. Mark’s, Mr. Dini became one of his closest friends, bygones were allowed to be bygones, and Steve’s born-again school love brought him to our centennial concert.”

‘To write a song that would endure’

Tom Petty wrote and sang of agapic love.

Monstrance Hopes to Rock Anew

By Steve Waring • Milwaukee-based band wants to reunite at General Convention.

Administrator Will Rock Again

By G. Jeffrey MacDonald • William C. Webster’s Bold Enough to Say is part concert, part theater, part film.


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