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Ritual Repels the Robots: One Human Response to AI

By Matthew S.C. Olver I’ll admit, I was a bit late to the AI party, or at least to the awareness that AI might be...

Why we behave like Anglicans

In the past, the Episcopal Church was not, and even now is not, what American taste particularly liked.

The liturgy, the crucible of love

What is at stake in worship is not perfect performance but, by the power of the Holy Spirit, union with Christ in his sacrifice, offering every part of ourselves and our lives to God.

The paradox of this week

Our highly choreographed liturgies, our rituals of human achievement, may be tinged with failure.

Churches need incense

Incense may not be a hill worth dying on, but it is at least a hill worth strategizing for. It is a shot to the gut of comfortable, consumer-friendly religion.

Game and ritual

I have been reading an excellent book by George Skaff Elias, Richard Garfield, and K. Robert Gutschera called The Characteristics of Games. Although they...

Why Liturgy Matters

Bishop J. Neil Alexander: “Rituals are memory-laden, time-sensitive, a repeatable action that is chosen.”

Our Blessed Place

By Amy Lepine Peterson • We recognize the spiritual reality undergirding our physical existence.


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