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Lesser Feasts and Fasts Closer to Revision

The 79th General Convention has committed to revising Lesser Feasts and Fasts and the entire sanctoral calendar.

Linguistic Purity Is an Impossible Liturgical Criterion

The pursuit of an immaculate vocabulary will be interminable.

Many Bishops Reticent on Revision

David Rice: “I have no idea where we’re going to be nine or 12 years’ time, but … it’s not going to be contained in a book.”

A Bigger Conversation about Liturgy

“It is worrisome that despite the soaring temperatures of Austin, the current Prayer Book conversations take place in an ecumenical winter.”

‘Division Is Not the Heart of God’

We need each other. God is moving in the Episcopal branch of the Jesus Movement.

Hands off the Office

As the most Anglican of all our liturgies, the Daily Office deserves the most deference and defense we can give it.

Are we done with the ’79 prayer book?

In 1997, Neil Alexander said that "it is not a perfect book and could stand some general improvement in some fairly critical places. But I believe ..."

Bishops: Plan for BCP Revision

Resolution asks that the Standing Commission on Liturgy and Music prepare a plan for prayer-book revision.

How radical a revision?

Urban T. Holmes claimed that those who resisted the 1979 Book of Common Prayer, as well as the charismatic renewal movement, reflected “a nostalgia for a classical theology which many theologians know has not been viable for almost two hundred years." But is that what the BCP represents?


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