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Introducing Coleridge

A new monthly column on theology and the arts. By Ben Lima After having studied the arts for many years from within a more or less...

Passion and Failure in the Church’s Story

Generally, we don’t review self-published books in our pages. Lacking professional editors, such volumes often suffer from internal repetitiveness, poor or outdated argumentation, and...

Window to a Spiritual World

The current El Greco exhibition at the Art Institute of Chicago displays his mastery of multiple styles of painting.

Justice, Mercy and The Irishman

The world of The Irishman is a deeply moral one, with a strong sense of retribution and justice, but without much hope of reconciliation or redemption for its central characters.

Advent’s Radical Prophet

William Blake viewed himself first not as a poet or an artist, much less a political activist, but as a prophet, a seer who glimpsed the glory of God and was forever transformed.

Sympathy for the Devil: The Joker, the Loneliness Epidemic and the Mission of the Church

As a film, The Joker is exceptionally good at portraying this sin-ravaged world — a bleak, decadent civilization where the bonds of mutual care have come entirely undone.

Jesus Reimagined in Modern South Africa

Christians have long struggled with seeing Jesus as Jewish. Yes, Christ becomes more relatable once “incarnated” in a specific cultural context.

Springsteen, Belonging, and Religion in Blinded by the Light

To be sure, Springsteenism is an ambiguous religiosity. Springsteen, as Roops pronounces, “knows everything you’ve ever felt … and he can describe it better for you.” His music allows one to see the depth and profundity in ordinary life — to see even father-son conflict as “something as old as time,” as Manzoor says, and to respond with empathy. Springsteen himself is a role model of uncommon decency.

Rethinking Ethics in Deuteronomy

It is doubtful whether any devoted student of Old Testament can fully explain, let alone justify, the justice and ways of God portrayed in the Book of Deuteronomy. However, it must also be said that Cook’s commentary clarifies many of issues at stake and does so with striking insight, grace, and wisdom.

Hill Responds to N.T. Wright

Wesley Hill: “Every junior scholar appreciates when a more senior figure in the field takes notice.”


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