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What’s preventing a new Oxford Movement?

Has the Episcopal Church developed a more profound focus on the adoration of God, a renewed commitment to justice work grounded in the Incarnation, or a sense of Anglican identity across the real and painful conflicts that have come to define us?

The terror of the Nativity

Here is Isaac’s Fear revealed; here is Jacob’s ladder stretched out; here the prince of this world looks on, agape.

A Friendly Amendment to Derek Olsen’s “Rite III EP for the Young: A Modest Proposal”

Derek Olsen, a member of the Episcopal Church’s Standing Committee on Music and Liturgy, has given us another fantastic, strategic, and theologically rich piece on the so-called Rite III in the 1979 Book of Common Prayer.

Why we should dress up for church

If we notice the importance of particular meals in our daily lives (Thanksgiving, birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas [!]), ought we not remember the Last Supper in the same way?


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