Plan for 10,000 New Churches Roils C of E

An ambitious target of planting 10,000 new, predominantly lay-led churches by 2030 headlines the recommendations of a briefing paper issued by the Church of England’s Vision and Strategy group in late June.

English Clergy Protest 4-Week Worship Ban

“We strongly disagree with the decision to suspend public worship during this time,” the faith leaders wrote in a November 3 letter. “We have had reaffirmed, through the bitter experience of the last six months, the critical role that faith plays in moments of tremendous crisis, and we believe public worship is essential.”

A Prayer We All Are Praying Now

London's oldest parish church, next to one of the city's largest coronavirus care hospitals, recently hosted the premiere of a new anthem, a setting of a historic collect, "In a Time of Plague and Common Sickness."