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On Shared Humanity and Diverse Religion: Notes from Egypt

By Jeff Boldt My wife and I recently moved our four kids to Egypt, where I now work for the bishop in the Alexandria School...

How to Be Religious

Being religious indicates something very basic: recognizing God as creator and responding with gratitude.

How to Be Political

We need to disabuse ourselves of the notion that interest in politics is merely a hobby.

The Last Jedi and the Christian story

Something new is appearing in the culture: a dissatisfaction with a banal materialism and a nostalgia for a story that gives hope, one that tells of a sacred tree.

‘May we meet again’

The 100 reflects a vague memory of Christian faith.

Nothing is really Caesar’s

For Jesus, God and the emperor are so far apart that a competition between them is meaningless.

Reading on Dallas, religion, and race

As a white vicar in a diverse Dallas congregation, I have had much to learn and try to understand in these difficult days.

Northanger, Downton, and the terrors of ‘religion’

We long for visible models of holiness, visible signs that there is more to our lives than the gray monotony of secular disenchantment.

I want a religion

Some say, "I want a relationship, not a religion." But I say "I rather like my religion, and I'm pretty sure it's good for me."

Your own personal Jesus

A relationship with Jesus that purports to be without rules, without "religion," will turn out to be not a relationship but a fantasy.


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