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Newly Accessible Medieval Worlds

Dr. Hannah Matis reviews Pilgrims and Revelations.

Counterfactual History and the Reformation

By Hannah Matis Give anyone a time machine and a soupçon of conscience, and an ethical and moral dilemma will, predictably, present itself in due...

Everything Depends on God, So Get to Work

By Daniel Martins Where Anglicanism sits in the relationship between Catholic and Protestant Christianity is a matter of endless conversation and myriad opinions. I am...

Due Honor for John Jewel

Richard Hooker, whom Jewel had taught as a boy, wrote that his teacher was the “worthiest divine that Christendom hath bred for some hundreds of years.”

Paul, the Reformers, and Perspectives New and Old

If we are to choose between the Reformers and the "New Perspective," we must first read them both.

Cromwell’s English Reformation

Diarmaid MacCulloch’s glorious biography of Thomas Cromwell takes aim at Thomas Cromwell and Thomas More.

Renewing the Art of Holy Dying

How might we encourage faith and trust in Christ in the final hour? How might we minister to bodies we believe will rise again? How might we convey the mercy of God to those whose strength is gone?

After Darkness, Light?

The documentary Calvinist is a visual tract intended primarily for American evangelicals unaffiliated and possibility unfamiliar with the movement.

The Complexity of the Medieval World

There is much, much more to the late Middle Ages than the Black Death and the Battle of Agincourt. In particular, there is more to late medieval religion and devotion.

The Reformation: its legacy and future

Josiah Idowu-Fearon: “As we give thanks for all the blessings of the Reformation, we are also called to repentance.”


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