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White Christian Fallacies

By Stewart Clem Every Christian I know believes that racism is a sin. Yes, there are some who claim the title “Christian” while espousing white...

Feelings, Justice, and Reason in the Sexuality Debates

It’s seems there is now little or no room for daylight between the placards in a Westboro Baptist Church demonstration and the most irenic and civil proponent of the traditional definition of marriage.

Desire prevails over reason

Faith, hope, and love — those absolutes of the Christian life — are instances of desire.

The light of reason

Richard Hooker’s commitment to reason placed him firmly athwart the development of more revolutionary theological agendas. But reason has changed in our day.

A catechism of Nature (1): Reason and the destiny of animal life

Reason, the thing that separates us from brute beasts, does not liberate us from animality, but it liberates animality itself, for the actualization of a potential that cannot be actualized without reason.

Let’s be logical

Anglicans pride themselves on being educated and intellectual, but I'm afraid we're no more rational or logical than any other branch of the Church.

Naturalism Brought Low

Daniel Muth reviews books by Alvin Plantinga and Thomas Nagel.

Is Spirit another name for Reason?

Some Christians justify actions by claiming the authority of the Spirit. Are there times when the Spirit contradics Jesus?


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