New Hong Kong Coadjutor Has Canadian & American Ties

Dean Matthias Der was a church planter in Toronto for twenty years before returning to Hong Kong to lead the city's cathedral; Der assumes leadership in the midst of violent protests, with limited response from Hong Kong's Anglicans.

Bishops on Gun Violence, Harassment

“We will walk with the youth of the United States today and into the future in choosing life”; “Bishops who are women know the “MeToo” experience. Some bishops who are men know it as well.”

Prayers in Baltimore

Bishop Eugene Sutton: “Pray for Baltimore. Violence is not the answer, ever.”

Discuss Race, Class, Violence

Bishop Eugene Sutton plans town hall “that will take us beyond events in Ferguson, Missouri, to a broader discussion.”

On Ferguson: Christ Is Risen

Bp. Martins: Any aspect of human experience not seen in the light of Jesus’ resurrection is not really seen at all.