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The Hidden Lives of the Church’s Religious (Part Two)

The external witness of vowed religious — habits, cloister, the Opus Dei (the daily round of psalms, hymns, and collects recited in chapel) — are the first things Christians notice about the monastics among them. But, of course, that is not the whole story of the charism and fruit of the religious life

Dreaming dreams and seeing visions

The revelatory power of dreams is a fairly common theme in Scripture.

Reading Scripture like a Christian

Richard Hays shows that a distinctively Christian reading of the Scriptures is readily defensible once one learns how to read well.

Whose authority, whose politics? John the Baptist’s Advent warning

Perhaps we could say that what the Baptist said does not matter as much as the fact that he said it, how he said it, to whom he said it, in whose name and by what authority he said it, and at what cost he said it. Perhaps what Jesus says about his own good works and about John’s confrontation with the authorities, even if it hardly amounts to a political philosophy, is what the Church needs to sure of before it can have a political philosophy. Perhaps if we have a problem with Matthew 11 it is that it just too clear and simple to be ignored.

Comedy as commentary: What is truth?

Comedy has moved far past slapstick, and instead wishes to call forth something deeper within the mind, body, and soul.

New possibility: Reflections on the statement of the Canadian House of Bishops

The Anglican Church of Canada can powerfully affirm that in journeying together we might discover the Spirit’s leading and will for the Church.

Treasure the Pearls

The Rev. Lindsay Hardin Freeman explores the words of each woman who speaks in the Bible.


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