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property disputes

Gloves Come Off in Bruno Trial

Church prosecutor requests a forensic audit of a corporate entity controlled by the Bishop of Los Angeles.

Today in Property Law

Judges rule in favor of the Diocese of Los Angeles and the Anglican Diocese of Quincy.

Another Appeal Denied

The Episcopal Church in South Carolina and the Diocese of South Carolina respond to a judge’s latest ruling.

Petition Dismissed in Illinois

State Supreme Court rules against Diocese of Chicago in property dispute.

Neutral Principles in Quincy

Cheers and doubts greet latest court ruling involving the historic Diocese of Quincy.

Seven-year Covenant Succeeds

The Diocese of Olympia and two Anglican churches have reached an amicable settlement without court assistance.

Two Tracks, Two Courts

“This ruling did not affect the ultimate outcome or prejudice our litigation strategy to recover our church property.”

Judge: Return $100,000 Bond

From the Diocese of Fort Worth led by the Rt. Rev. Jack L. Iker In compliance with the mandate issued by the Texas Supreme Court...

Regrets, Fees for Bishops

After making apologies and defraying conciliation expenses, bishops shielded from future charges.

CANA Loses another Round

The CANA Congregations suggest that a ruling for the denomination would be to defer to the hierarchy 'with a vengeance.' This Court disagrees. … [W]hile the CANA Congregations had an absolute right to depart from TEC and the Diocese, they had no right to take these seven Episcopal churches with them.


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