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property disputes

Ugandan Archbishop Reclaims Church Properties

The Anglican Church of Uganda has worked in recent weeks to regain church buildings taken over by Bishop Charles Okunya Oode and his followers.

New Bishops Seek “A New Season” in South Carolina

Seeking to minimize conflict while ending a decade of litigation over property ownership

TEC Pays $4.5 Million to ACNA’s Fort Worth Diocese

The settlement of legal fees represents 10 percent of TEC's annual budget.

Uganda Land Dispute: Gov’t. Official Attacks Clerics

Musa Ecweru, Uganda’s cabinet minister of relief and disaster preparedness allegedly pulled a gun on an Anglican priest and two lay readers and beat them with a metallic rod and canes on May 8 in the latest in a series of high-profile disputes over church land ownership.

Fort Worth Episcopalians Mourn Property Loss

Coping with a ruling from the United States Supreme Court, and a detailed historical overview of the conflict that led to the litigation.

S. Carolina Court to See Case It Thought It Settled

The State Supreme Court may have thought it settled the matter in 2017, but a lower court thought otherwise.

Judge Is Asked to Overrule Himself After Overruling Higher Court

The Episcopal Church and its Diocese of South Carolina contend that a state judge exceeded his authority by reaching a conclusion contrary to the state Supreme Court.

Lawsuits Grind on in South Carolina, Fort Worth

While there are signs of reconciliation between Episcopalians and Anglicans in various places in America, the conflict in South Carolina and Fort Worth shows no sign of ending.

SC Litigation Becomes More Complicated

A new lawsuit pits two entities affiliated with the Episcopal Church against each other.

Pittsburgh Keeps it Amicable

ACNA parishes will pay percentage-based assessments and stay in place.


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