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Children and the Public Interconnectedness of Marriage

It is the teaching of the church over centuries that marriage is a union of a man and a woman, a union to extend...

Responses to “Empire Remixed”

In the run up to the Anglican Church of Canada's 2019 General Synod, Covenant published a series of articles dealing with the proposed changes to the marriage canon from a conservative perspective. These articles generated considerable response. Two of our authors have penned responses to their critics.

Genealogy, Marriage, and the Word: A Response to Christopher Brittain

Scripture is replete with genealogies. Indeed, the Bible as a whole could be called one great genealogical narrative.

Scripture and the Mystery of Procreation

I worry that the church that fails to publicly protect the unique sacramentality of procreative marriage may just find that it has cut its own umbilical cord.

What God has joined together: the sacraments of marriage and baptism

Marriage, insofar as parenthood renders it sacramental, finds its ultimate end in the union of Christ and the Church and its penultimate end in "nurturing" children in the faith.

Does Procreation Matter?

Philosophy professor Don Reed raises questions about the marriage task force’s report.

Why Ignore Wisdom?

Theologian Andrew Goddard evaluates the Church of England’s Men and Women in Marriage.

Milbank on Marriage

Secular thought may not so readily let go of the demand for absolutely equal rights based on identical definitions.


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