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prayer of humble access

Crumbs From Under the Table

The Prayer of Humble Access is a precious treasure of the Anglican liturgical tradition. Here it is in the form it has taken for...

Preparing for Communion

The work of preparing to receive Holy Eucharist is not meant to scare us off. Nor is it meant to erect barriers. On the contrary, our preparation is meant to instill within us reverence and respect for the incredible gift of the Eucharist.

On Dogs and Altar Rails

By saying this prayer, those of us who are Gentiles become like the Syrophoenician woman. We admit we are dogs, unworthy as Gentiles and those who chronically forget God’s promises to the Jews to sit at God’s table, and yet we go on to ask for God’s food all the same, trusting that our host is merciful.

Meditations on the Mass: The Prayer of Humble Access

We are not given crumbs. We are given a full meal. And not just any meal. We come for the foretaste of the Wedding Supper of the Lamb, the bread of heaven and the cup of salvation.


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