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prayer book

Bishop Love Reflects on GC79

Bishop Love: Resolution B012 is “the most problematic and potentially damaging within the Diocese of Albany as well as the wider Anglican Communion.”

What May Be Hot in Austin

General Convention will discuss marriage, the prayer book, paying the House of Deputies’ president, Title IV, the episcopacy, Israel-Palestine conflicts, and the presiding bishop’s growing profile.

Hands off the Office

As the most Anglican of all our liturgies, the Daily Office deserves the most deference and defense we can give it.

Rediscover the gospel

For the sake of mission, we need to rediscover the gospel that the BCP empowers us to pray.

A good map for the journey

We have a catechetical crisis in the Episcopal Church. It must surely color any conversation about prayer book revision.

Are we done with the ’79 prayer book?

In 1997, Neil Alexander said that "it is not a perfect book and could stand some general improvement in some fairly critical places. But I believe ..."

A way forward together (3): prayer book

We fear that a revised prayer book would not be written for the church committed to the Bible and the faith of the apostles, but for the church of Moralistic Therapeutic Deism, with all particularistic and judgmental edges shorn off.

Rite I Prayers of the People

John Mason Lock writes on the "journey through time and space" in Rite I's intercessions.

Bishops: Plan for BCP Revision

Resolution asks that the Standing Commission on Liturgy and Music prepare a plan for prayer-book revision.

God’s visitation

In older Anglican prayerbooks, "The Order for the Visitation of the Sicke" instructed the minister to direct an exhortation to the sick person. He or she is to know "certainly" that "your sickness...is God's visitation."


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