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The Holy Name and the Circumcision

By Jean McCurdy Meade The Christmas lesson from Luke ends with the shepherds going back to their fields, glorifying God for all that they had...

Sin Thoughts

By Victor Lee Austin "The first thing to get straight is whether you believe there is such a thing as sin.” It was my initial meeting...

The Changes and Chances of This Life

By Daniel Martins Be present, O merciful God, and protect us through the hours of this night, so that we who are wearied by the...

Communion Partners Seek Clarity on Prayer Book

By Mark Michael On a divided vote on General Convention’s final day, the House of Bishops approved an amended form of Article X, which defines...

Bishops Chart the Prayer Book’s Future

By Mark Michael The House of Bishops voted unanimously Saturday evening to clarify the definition of the Book of Common Prayer in the church’s constitution,...

What the Pentecostals Taught Me

By Jonathan Turtle Pentecostals have taught me a lot. You see, despite being born to a Presbyterian father from Belfast and a Roman Catholic mother...

Prayer Book Debate Begins Again for General Convention

The Prayer Book, Liturgy & Music committee will hear testimony on 25 resolutions February 19.

Publish Glad Tidings

The Bible and Common Prayer Book Society sends worship materials across the world.

Keep Watch — Live on Facebook

For a Nashville church, the social media platform’s streaming feature is a portal to a peaceful night.

The Prayer Book and the Non-Denominational Pastor

All I knew about the Anglicans was what Wikipedia had told me on the day before I applied.


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