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Goodbye to my guitar hero

I am overwhelmed by Bruce Cockburn’s preference for ideological purity over doctrinal clarity, his contempt for conservatives, and his follow-your-bliss sexual morality.

Congregations rule

The bottom-up, congregational model is legally mandatory in Texas. So, a professedly Methodist congregation is only connectional if it chooses to be so and signs legal documents to that effect.

Reading Radner: Part 3

The last chapters of “A Brutal Unity” press further into “the spiritual politics of the Christian Church.”

The next culture war?

What are the beliefs that are so integral to our faith that we must act upon them, even in the face of laws that allow no room for religious exemption? What are the convictions we hold in common that we can act upon together, even in opposition to the cultural consensus?

Common prayer and conflict

Is boutique religion a lasting trend? Shall each congregation seek to fashion itself to cater to the delights of a significant number of local people to keep the doors open?

Church, State, and Votes

“[Labour’s] Ed Miliband and his party should not assume … believers will necessarily follow the bishops.”

Doing theology as a bishop

Doing theology as a bishop, as well as writing it, often turns out to be exhilarating.

Guns, Faith, State

Yair Rosenberg writes that the theocratic impulse appears across the political spectrum.

Mourdock, rape, and Christian hope

Is rape "something that God intended to happen"?

Unpacking via media

Greg Garrett suggests American politics would benefit if the nation learned about via media from us Episcopalians. But is via media about compromise, as he suggests?


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