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Podcast Helps Small Congregations Thrive

Small Episcopal congregations have found a voice in the podcast world. And like a mustard seed, that voice is designed to grow big while...

Podcast: Church Music and the COVID-19 Conundrum

Dr. Marty Wheeler Burnett, president of the Association of Anglican Musicians, joins us to talk about current best practices and new normals.

Podcast: The Future of Multicultural Anglicanism

What happens when your cultural or racial identity feels at odds with your religious identity?

Advancing the common good: economics and theology together

By Thomas A. Gresik In a recent episode of The Living Church podcast, “When to Re-open for Business? Ethics and Economy,” Elisabeth Kincaid and Stewart...

Podcast: Prison Ministry and COVID-19

In this episode of The Living Church Podcast prison chaplain Hannah Bowman shares about her work, digs into theological and practical frameworks behind prison...

Podcast: Not Touching in a Time of Crisis

Pamela Lewis, an Episcopal lay leader in NYC, reflects on the new poignancy of Jesus' words in the garden in light of social distancing.

TLC’s Podcast Interviews Former ABC Rowan Williams

In a special edition of The Living Church Podcast, former Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams discusses his latest book, The Way of St. Benedict. He...

Podcast: Spiritual Health in Loneliness.

"You can't always get what you want. But sometimes…" Fr. Ron Rolheiser (author of The Loneliness Factor, among many others) knows about digging deep...

Podcast: Caring for Marriage in a Pressure Cooker

Only recently in human history have we expected so much from marriage. The pressure (or temptation?) to rely totally on one's spouse for companionship,...

Podcasts: Classic Texts in Times of Crisis and a Playbook for Anxiety

Two new episodes of The Living Church podcast for your listening pleasure: Classic Texts in Times of Crisis: Thomas Merton What are some of the benefits and dangers...


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