Ande Elected Congolese Primate

The Rt. Rev. Dr. Georges Titre Ande, a theology professor and senior bishop of the Province de L’Eglise Anglicane Du Congo was elected as the church’s fifth archbishop and primate by its General Synod, which met from 2 to 9 July.

70-Year-Old Missionary Shot & Wounded in Nigeria

Muslim Fulani herdmen shot Canon James Adebayo Famonure four times as he was leading family devotions, also wounding three other family members. The attack is the latest in a series launched against Christian farmers in central Nigeria in a conflict driven by land use disputes, Islamist ideology, and widely available weaponry. The current coronavirus seems to be making things worse.

Congolese Archdeacon Murdered by Islamic Militants

The Ven. Ngulongo Year Batsemire, archdeacon of Eastern DRC's Diocese of Eringeti, was murdered near his home by members of the militant Allied Democratic Force, for refusing to convert to Islam.

Guilt and Persecution

Bp. Philip Mountstephen: “There is a lot of post-colonial guilt around a residual sense that the Christian faith is an expression of white Western privilege.”