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Descent of the Holy Spirit

God is in the business of building communion and extending his family.

The sound and the Spirit

Ascension and Pentecost represent two movements — the upward and the downward — of Luke’s “new Sinai,” the initiation and ratification of Christ’s new covenant.

Boundaries, blessings, and hope for the future

In this post, I want to offer a few further observations that could prove helpful, if the biblical-historical situation of Gentile inclusion in Acts 15 and other places is to provide clues for a way forward in a mixed-economy Anglicanism.

Pentecost litany

The Church and the Nations

Learning new ecclesial languages

It is not easy to be immersed in other Christian traditions, but it might just heal the Church.

The Sundays after Pentecost

Every moment may be set apart and consecrated to God through acts of Christian service and devotion. What else is the Christian life but this?


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