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A Grace Peculiar: Toward a Theology of Vocation

The peculiar Christlike shape that one’s life thus takes on is one’s vocation. And vocation is the outworking of grace in the life of a human being.

A Blind Man’s Pentecost

How do we see God in a world where we no longer see Jesus?

Easter to Whitsun with Thomas Noyes-Lewis

A stream of the Church of England’s artistic self-image in the early 20th century reflected the genius of one man: Thomas Noyes-Lewis.

Charism and Congregations

What does the concept of charism have to offer Protestant Christians looking for a church in a pluralistic modern era?

Drunk with the Kids on Pentecost

There was a laugh to fit each of us, and it was chaos, and it was miraculous.

Seeking the Holy Spirit

I found the Holy Spirit when I was not seeking him — and in the most unlikely of places: an Episopal chapel.

Speaking in tongues and praying in poetry

While theology gave me an expanded vocabulary for talking about God, I felt increasingly paralyzed by over-analysis when I tried talking to him.

Dreaming dreams and seeing visions

The revelatory power of dreams is a fairly common theme in Scripture.

Holy Spirit: Remembrancer

Refresh my memory, / With words of Moses and Jesus, / To help me follow your ways / And imagine your future.

The making of Abram’s name

Babel, Pentecost, and a language for the gentiles


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