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Breathe on Me, Breath of God

With the launch of TLC's new website, you can now subscribe to Covenant, receiving it every day right in your inbox. — Editor. “The Holy Spirit is...

The Holy Ghost, the Comforter

Te Deum Laudamus Sometimes we hear people in church seek to eliminate gendered words for God in our prayers. Now that I am in the...

Easter Hesitation and Pentecostal Hope

I grew up hearing the story of Easter from before I knew how to talk, but I only noticed Matthew 28:16-17 when I was a...

Dreading Pentecost

By Charlie Clauss I found it odd the first time such a letter made its way to my hands, but to have it occur a...

Is There a Rationale for the Anglican Communion?

The following essay is excerpted from a chapter in “God Wills Fellowship”: Lambeth Conference 1920 and the Ecumenical Vocation of Anglicanism, ed. Christopher Wells...

Is there more to the Christian Life than Grace? A Pentecost Reflection

We all know it – one of the key verses that unlocked the Protestant Reformation: “For it is by grace you have been saved,...

Celebrating Pentecost in a Pandemic

Church doors may be closed, but Episcopalians will open their hearts to the Holy Spirit on Pentecost.

Of Hymns and Missionaries

By Daniel Martins One of the spiritual practices in which I regularly engage is to sit down at a piano or organ keyboard with a...

A Love Note to Anglicanism

Though I find myself today a Byzantine rite priest in communion with Rome, it was in the Anglicanism of my youth that I was formed in many important and providential ways.

Theologies of Discernment: Call or Charism?

We might faithfully do a great many things in our lives, including changing occupations. Because our lives are not monolithic, neither should our discernment be. The idea that God issues a single vocation to each of us does not seem consonant with the experience of most Christians


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