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‘Parish’ Ministry Outside English Parishes?

Eavesdropping on British conversations, I find the future of the parish system is a common topic of discussion there. Entwined as it is with...

The Marvel of St. Martin’s, Houston

By Christopher Wells On Nov. 10, 1982, Vice President George H.W. Bush found himself in Red Square attending the state funeral of Leonid Brezhnev, General...

Missional communities or parishes in Texas? Justifying a paradigm

The parish — fabric, as well as people — tells a story about who we are in Jesus, which meeting in foodie conclaves in Austin simply cannot tell.

Call to remembrance: Our Catholic and Reformed past

Are Anglicans Protestants who have taken on the trappings of Catholicism, while eschewing its discipline?

Tightly woven: Anglican parishes and religious orders

When I look at my cross from Ascot Priory, I thank God for those nuns whose prayers sustain the work I do.

Rogation walk

Rogation reminds us that these places that grab hold of our deep affections need to be baptized and to become, if only for those who live there, a little Eden where God still enjoys strolling in the cool of the evening.


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