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Roman Pilgrimage and the Gift of Unity

In January 2022, Nashotah House Theological Seminary and the Living Church Institute co-hosted an ecumenical pilgrimage to Rome, which doubled as a graduate course:...

Three Popes

By Graham Kings Introduction The phrase “Electoral College” has been much discussed recently around the election of the new President of the United States of America....

A Tale of Two Popes

By Matt Boulter Anyone who remembers Shadowlands, the classic 1993 film about C. S. Lewis, knows that Anthony Hopkins has an uncanny knack for portraying...

Pope Francis: Shifting the Language

Five years in, Francis remains, if not a paradox, then definitely an emulsion: holding together within himself everyone’s expectations.

Benedict XVI’s Last Testament and his theological legacy

Benedict XVI's Last Testament and a conference on his theological legacy reveal the great debt we owe to this pope.

A postcard from Rome: Stewarding the confession

Looming over the Sistine Chapel's altar, Peter is returning the keys to their rightful owner, the head of the Church, Jesus Christ.

Mercy for the past and Catholic modernity

It is an unexpectedly hard thing to show mercy to our own past. The Crisis of Authority in Catholic Modernity shows that it is a necessary thing.

Why the Papacy Matters

Review by John C. Bauerschmidt Eamon Duffy’s new book does a good job of distilling two millennia of history into a short and manageable span.


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