Rest in Peace, Rise in Glory: March 18, 2020

Obituaries from the March 22 issue of The Living Church, including a pioneer in organizational development who applied her research to congregations, a former Bishop of North Dakota, who flew to visitations in his own plane and a monk with a talent for calligraphy.

Rest in Peace, Rise in Glory

The Living Church remembers an outdoors educator, a priest focused on social justice in Appalachia, and a pioneering scholar of traditional African religions.

Rest in Peace, Rise in Glory

Remembering a long time retreat center chaplain, a leader in interfaith understanding, and the wife of martyred Ugandan archbishop Jananai Luwum.

Rest in Peace: Rise in Glory

Remembering a long-time Episcopal school headmaster, the founder of the Dominican Development Group and a diocesan lay leader in New Jersey who was also "an aggressive collector of meaningless items."

Rest in Peace, Rise in Glory

Remembering "a faithful and dutiful monk" who loved to play Joplin's rags, a longtime professor of liturgy in Taiwan, and a 20 year chaplain for his hometown fire department.

Bp. Barahona Dies at 76

A church statement said Bishop Martín Barahona will be remembered as a campaigner for justice, the poor, human rights, and ecumenism.