Marjorie Bennison Dies at 101

The wife and mother of bishops, Marjorie Bennison “spent her life in the majority community quietly but persistently advocating for minorities.”

Canon Howe Dies at 80

Gregory Michael Howe, eighth custodian of the Book of Common Prayer, died Jan. 12 in Provincetown, R.I.

Bishop Hopkins Dies at 88

The Rt. Rev. Harold A. Hopkins Jr., who spent a decade overseeing episcopal elections and the discipline of bishops, died Jan. 3.

John Said Dies at 86

Bishop John Said, who served in the dioceses of Southeast Florida and Central Florida, died Jan. 5.

David Richards, 1921-2018

Bishop David Richards, longtime director of the Office of Pastoral Development, died on Aug. 21.

Eugene H. Buxton, 1931-2018

Eugene H. Buxton wrote Bishops in My Life, which detailed his recollections of Maurice Benitez, John Pares Craine, William Wallace Horstick, and Beverly Dandridge Tucker.