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Bishop Vincent W. Warner (1940-2024)

While Warner served as bishop, conservatives at two parishes within the Seattle-based diocese praised how he responded to them amid their disagreements with him on sexuality.

Bishop Charles L. Longest (1933-2024)

The Rt. Rev. Charles L. Longest, Bishop Suffragan of Maryland for eight years, died May 28 at 91.

DuBois, Hubbard, Sumners

Remembering Charles H. DuBois, Mavourneen A. Murphy Hubbard, and Charles Abram Sumners III

Church Loses Two Retired Mid-Atlantic Bishops

The retired bishops of two Mid-Atlantic dioceses, the Rt. Rev. David Joslin, eighth Bishop of Central New York, and the Rt. Rev. Charlie Fuller McNutt Jr., seventh Bishop of Central Pennsylvania, died a day apart, October 24 and 25.

Peter James Lee, Former Bishop of Virginia, Dies at 84

“If ever there was a bishop who failed at retirement, it was Bishop Lee.”

Rest in Peace, Rise in Glory: April 29, 2022

Veterans, scholars, a diocesan canon, advocates for the marginalized.

David Booth Beers, 86, Led Property Litigation Strategy

By Kirk Petersen David Booth Beers, who for more than a decade led the Episcopal Church's litigation strategy in property disputes with departing dioceses and...

Rest in Peace, Rise in Glory: March 30, 2022

Episcopal Lutheran, social justice champion, Connecticut canon

Rest in Peace, Rise in Glory: March 18, 2022

Archdeacon & dean, ecumenical leader, pioneering female priest, dynamic minister.

Rest in Peace, Rise in Glory: 3/2/2022

A dean of cathedrals, a dementia-support minister, a higher-education executive, and a Lakota painter and cowboy.


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