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Streaming Catholicism: On “Midnight Mass”

Spoiler Warning: This essay discusses key plot points, including the ending, of Midnight Mass. By Daniel Martins One of the ongoing frustrations for people of faith...

Hard Lessons on Discipleship from Cobra Kai

By Terence Chandra “It’s a tough world out there and I can help them be ready for it.” — Johnny Lawrence The last memory most priests have...

A Tale of Two Popes

By Matt Boulter Anyone who remembers Shadowlands, the classic 1993 film about C. S. Lewis, knows that Anthony Hopkins has an uncanny knack for portraying...

The Chilling Contradictions of Sabrina

Sabrina is beset with contradictions that cry out for a resolution within the Christian faith.

‘May we meet again’

The 100 reflects a vague memory of Christian faith.

Bogey in the Big ’80s

‘Stranger Things’ embodies G.K. Chesterton’s wisdom: “What fairy tales give the child is his first clear idea of the possible defeat of bogey.”

A rationalization for watching too much Netflix

I've got a telenovela addiction. Netflix figured out through its very clever algorithms that I am the biggest sucker ever for period dramas.


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