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How We Tell the Story (Or, How Christian Nationalism Makes Racism Invisible)

By Abigail Woolley Cutter We declared our independence on July 4, 1776. We fought and defeated the British in the Revolutionary War. We expanded across...

Pray for the City

How does a vision of a thick civic culture relate first to the policy of allowing for religious tax exemption, and then to the question of whether churches ought to allow their clergy to sign marriage licenses?

The same but different

In Norfolk, England, where I spent most of my teens, there’s a saying. “It’s the same but different.” I’ve never fathomed quite what it means but I find it delightful. We have stumbled into a world where difference is in style.

Common prayer and conflict

Is boutique religion a lasting trend? Shall each congregation seek to fashion itself to cater to the delights of a significant number of local people to keep the doors open?


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