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Passing on What We Receive

When my daughters tell a story, characters from the Bible and Disney mingle with family members

Easter is bonkers

God despises bores. Easter reminds us of this. Put the redemption of the world into our hands, and we’d come up with something unimaginative, uninspiring, and probably much too believable.

On the beach with Rogue One

Star Wars was certainly not the fullness of the Christian hope and faith, but a new light was shining in a culture that had only 11 years before celebrated the “Death of God” on the cover of Time.

Five narratives on Donald Trump

Let us consider the main competing narratives that are already emerging.

Stories and counterculture: Star Wars, Vikings, and Gaiman’s Neverwhere

These three artifacts of pop culture embody the immense yearning of the human heart for meaningful story. And they show that the Church should abandon any attempt to fit its story into the story of the dominant culture.

Reading the Gospels for all they’re worth

Joseph Lear: My hope is that this post points to the importance of reading and rereading biblical narrative, searching for Scripture's internal unity.


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