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Mouneer Anis

‘Lambeth Calls’ to Consider Sexuality, World Crises, Mission

The conference will not issue "resolutions," because they don't resolve anything, Archbishop Welby said.

AC Rejects Attempted Takeover of Egyptian Church

The Anglican Communion's Secretary General rejected claims that another denomination is the rightful owner of Anglican property in Egypt.

Shehata to Lead Influential Diocese of Egypt

Bishop Samy Fawzy Shehata, a theologian with extensive ecumenical and interfaith experience, will succeed Mouneer Anis, a key Global South leader. Shehata will lead the largest diocese of the Communion's newest province, the Province of Alexandria, which will elect its first archbishop later this year.

News Analysis: Global South Anglicans Launch New Covenant

A new "covenantal structure" approved by the recent Cairo Conference aims to reinforce orthodoxy and define full communion relationships for Global South Anglicans.

Award Honors Mouneer Anis

The Bishop of Egypt, has been honored for what the Archbishop of Canterbury called his invaluable contribution to the work of peace and reconciliation.

‘A Second-Class Citizen’

Archbishop Mouneer Anis describes living in an Egypt led by the Muslim Brotherhood.

Cairo conference: Contextual mission in Egypt

In April I flew to Cairo for the first international conference of the Mission Theology in the Anglican Communion project.


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