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A Millennial’s Open Letter to the Church

By Christopher. J. Coome There is a certain privilege that comes with being a convert. Not only do we experience that hallowed “conversion moment,” but...

Liturgy and Individualism

For Anglicanism to survive another century, it must create a cohesive understanding of what it means to be Anglican.

Millennial Burnout and The Good Place

The problem is not that millennials don’t know how to work, it’s that work is all they know.

The Next Church

If religion continues to church-it-up in pretense and inside baseball, we become like Gilbert and Sullivan operettas: great good stuff, beloved by an ever-shrinking, self-congratulating group of lovely people.

So, You Want to Reach Millennials? Here’s a Start

We hear it all over the church: “We need to reach the Millennials.”

Mind the Generation Gap

In the Episcopal Church, we have a stand-off brewing between the Boomers and the Millennials.

More Evensong, please

Many students long for a piety that does not ride the waves of faddism.

Ain’t no grave: A response to George Clifford

Can Christians believe in life after death? According to Episcopal priest George Clifford, the short answer is “No.”

Gathering the fruit, May 28: young priests, New World polyphony, and ‘dissonant’ doctrine

If the development of doctrine were anything like musical performance, we could not imagine that "harmonic progression" would happen abruptly or lazily.

Faith Seeking Understanding

In the confessional, there is no time for dishonesty; true charity cannot allow it.


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