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Say No to the ‘Taterix’

Two school years ago, during a dinner in the Saint James School refectory, a former male student asked me, “Father Montgomery, what do you...

Think Again, Sunshine: Conquest and Jordan Peterson

Dr. Jordan Peterson, a former professor of psychology at the University of Toronto, has taken the English-speaking world by storm. His books 12 Rules...

Sounds of assault

As Amy Ziering has said, campus sexual assaults are not “just a date gone bad, or a bad hook-up, or, you know, miscommunication,” but instead “a highly calculated, premeditated crime.”

Beards, bourbon, the “new” masculinity

Is masculinity "in crisis"? If so, a new wardrobe, new alcoholic beverages, and a pretense at having manual labor bodies isn't going to fix anything.


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