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Bishop Curry Responds to Sri Lankan Attacks

Presiding Bishop Michael Curry: “I’m praying for the power of love to overcome the forces of hatred and violence.”

Cambodian Anglicans Rebuild

Church visitors in Cambodia weigh the truth claims of Christianity a generation removed from the Khmer Rouge genocide.

Rio Grande Honors WWII Martyr

Four churches in the Diocese of the Rio Grande will remember Chaplain Frederick Howden Jr. on the 75th anniversary of his sacrifice.

Sympathy for Judas: Martin Scorcese’s Silence

How is one supposed to understand Fr. Rodrigues in Martin Scorsese's film?

Luwum Honors Draw Hundreds

Hundreds of Ugandans and more than 30 bishops prayed at the grave of Archbishop Janani Luwum on Feb. 16.

Bishop Condemns Murders

Seven killed in predominantly Christian village in north-central Nigeria on Aug. 13.

Archbishop Honors Martyrs

Archbishop Justin Welby: “The way these brothers lived and died communicated that their testimony is trustworthy.”

Kenyan Students Are Martyrs, Archbishop Says

The 150 plus Kenyan students killed on Maundy Thursday are martyrs, the Archbishop of Canterbury said in his Easter Day sermon at Canterbury Cathedral.

Melanesian Novice Murdered

A novice of the Melanesian Brotherhood has been killed and another badly beaten.

A Martyr’s Theology

Review by Ephraim Radner • The monastic life of Christian community and prayer remains the richest fruit of Christian de Chergé’s witness.


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