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A practical question on law/gospel

Grace underlines all of what we do in school, but it is always a grace that assumes action and discipline.

500 years after Luther, the law/gospel insight remains almost true

Luther's understanding of the gospel has a tremendous liberating appeal, but also grave hermeneutical consequences.

Advent devotions: Waiting for grace or struggling for liberation?

The devotionals in Liberated by God’s Grace lose track of divine grace in their push for temporal liberation.

Where do we begin?

If you and I cannot recognize that we are a “damn mess,” then I’m not sure what Christianity can offer.

The gospel ain’t about you

The gospel is the proclamation that “the crucified and risen Jesus is the Messiah of Israel and therefore the Lord of the world.” And the time is ripe for a preaching ministry that reflects this gospel and equips the saints for the holy life which is our spiritual worship.

Formative literature 1

The Facebook thread: books that changed our lives (or some such). Mine tilt heavily toward the modern and contemporary, but God, in the form of truth, meets us through our loves and fears. He finds us where we are, having arrived himself in advance.


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