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Liturgical Movement

The ACNA BCP 2019: A Critical Appreciation

Perhaps the lesson of the ACNA BCP for us is this: thoughtful contemporary-language retrieval of classical Anglican liturgical texts and forms is very possible...However, when such retrieval sets up a uniform classical Anglicanism against errors or excesses of the liturgical movement, it can smooth out of differences in the classical Anglican tradition in a way that produces less-than-coherent liturgies.

The Liturgical Movement’s Methods and Motivation

In the Liturgical Movement, the posture was ressourcement, an instinct to draw from old, significant wells long forgotten.

Formed by God through Scripture in the Daily Office

Out of the dust of the ground and by his own “inbreathing,” God also forms us, who say the Daily Office.

Structure, shape, and text

Continuity in prayer book worship

Leonel Mitchell, reshaped

Liturgical scholar Leonel Mitchell played a central role in preparing the 1979 Book of Common Prayer.

A short, 2,000-page breviary

By the 1940s St. John’s Abbey became a showpiece and a center for robust and engaging liturgical celebration.


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