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The First Commandment as an Axiom of Christian Preaching

In March of 1933 Karl Barth delivered a lecture, “The First Commandment as Theological Axiom” (cited parenthetically hereafter). This lecture is fascinating for several...

Seek the Peace of the City

By John Bauerschmidt Alasdair MacIntyre’s 1981 book, After Virtue, was published in the same year I began my seminary training, and I owe it an...

Why Liberalism Died

By Jeff Boldt It is common to characterize 20th-century theological controversy as a conflict between naturalism and supernaturalism. Most popularly, this has been cast as...

The Neoliberal Age: The Decomposition of the Self

By Paul (H. Matthew Lee) “In combating racism we do not make progress if we combat the people themselves. We have to combat the causes...

The Virgin Birth and the Liberal Tradition

Many people seem not to realize that there is such a thing as liberal tradition.

Why You Should Be on My Theological and Political Team

I am going to make my case for a Christianity that is not defensive and does not subject itself to perpetual revision in order to keep up with the demands of a culture that despises the Christian faith anyway.

Bishop Barnes, Anglican Eugenicist

How could Bishop Barnes, a Cambridge mathematician, have gone so badly wrong?

The Episcopal Church and Liberty

The gospel of Christ offers a greater vision of liberty than resorting to defining ourselves. The gospel rests on the promise that God, who on the sixth day spoke us into being, beheld us, and called us very good.

A post-liberal program: Milbank, Pabst, the human future

John Milbank and Adrian Pabst argue that liberalism has led to a “war of all against all.”

The ecclesial ethics of moving furniture

Moving the furniture one inch per year is not simply folk wisdom. It's sound theology.


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