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A Twenty-First Century Anglican Divine

Systematic Theology, Volume 2 The Doctrine of the Holy Trinity Processions and Persons By Katherine Sonderegger Fortress, pp. 416, $49 Tucked away near the end of Praying...

The Gospel of Uncleanness

The Old Testament was doing social distancing before it was cool. Pick up a dead animal? Forget washing your hands — take a whole...

Alms from the church

On Dec. 31, St. Dunstan's Church in Houston will give the proceeds of a special capital campaign to celebrate the Jubilee year of its founding.

Evaluating ‘This Holy Estate’: Misunderstanding Acts 15

In discussions of same-sex marriage, we end up with a strange (and strangely popular) historicist interpretation of the “Council of Jerusalem” in Acts 15.


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