Will the Catechism Change on Marriage?

Bishop Daniel Martins: “[W]hile a diocesan bishop can decline to permit use of a trial rite ‘in the ether,’ a bishop cannot proscribe use of material in the Book of Common Prayer.”

Jill Saward Dies Young

Jill Saward, a longtime activist for victims of sexual violence, has died of a massive stroke at 51.

Diocese Sues State

Multiple parties, including the Episcopal Diocese of Albany, join suit against mandated coverage of abortions.

United by Climate Change

By Gary G. Yerkey Presiding Bishop Jefferts Schori condemns “ancient demons of individualism, materialism, and selfishness.”

A Measuring Rod

By Benjamin M. Guyer The canon of Scripture contains “all things necessary for salvation,” but it does not contain all things necessary for running the Church. This latter task is fulfilled by canon law.