Lambeth to Focus on Science, Climate Change

The relationship between faith and science and the Church’s response to the environmental crisis will be “big picture” themes at next summer’s Lambeth Conference, which focuses on being “God’s Church for God’s World”.

Archives: The 1920 Lambeth Programme for Unity

Excerpts from F. C. Morehouse's editorial on the groundbreaking 1920 Lambeth Conference: "It is evident that the bishops deem that the time long prayed-for when Protestantism should break up and a general return to the Church should be possible is near at hand. Whether they be right or wrong, it is undoubtedly our duty to prepare for that break-up."

Bishops Issue Lambeth Message, Join Climate Protest

Bishops issue statement describing Archbishop Welby's decision not to invite same-sex spouses to next summer's Lambeth Conference: "their exclusion wounds those who are excluded, their spouses, and their friends within and beyond the House of Bishops." The message also affirms a variety of conscientious responses by bishops about whether or not to participate in the international gathering of Anglican bishops.

Bishops Consider Whether to Attend Lambeth Conference

This fall's House of Bishops meeting opened with a conversation about next summer's Lambeth Conference, with a variety of views shared about the impact of Archbishop Welby's decision to invite bishops in same-sex relationships, but not their spouses.

‘This Is Not the Way of Love’

The Rev. Gay Clark Jennings, president of the House of Deputies, denounces Archbishop Justin Welby’s decision on same-sex bishops’ spouses at Lambeth.

Five Lambeth Details

Abp. Justin Welby: Lambeth 2020 “is a significant event in the history of our extraordinary global family as we seek God’s direction for an Anglican Communion equipped for the 21st century.”