Lambeth Conference Postponed Until 2021

Archbishop Justin Welby announced that the global pandemic will force a year's delay of the gathering of Anglican bishops; GAFCON announced a similar postponement of its Kigali Bishops' Conference on March 20.

Lambeth 1920 and Its Legacy Today

Theologians and church leaders from around the world gathered at Lambeth Palace for a colloquium focused on a century-old groundbreaking call to church unity and its implications for Anglicanism's contemporary divisions.

U. of Kent Uneasy about Lambeth Policy

Administrators and students at the University of Kent have criticized the Archbishop of Canterbury’s decision not to invite same-sex spouses to the Lambeth Conference in 2020.

Abp Chama’s Hopes for Lambeth

Abp. Albert Chama: “Everyone is looking forward to the Lambeth Conference because this one, they think, is going to make us as a Communion to come out with something tangible.”