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Lambeth 2020

The Growth of the Anglican Church in North America

ACNA is reporting growth, but is that growth real?

Cleaning Up the Playing Field: Six Resolutions for Lambeth

The Lambeth Conference cannot afford to decide nothing. By the same token, in its limited capacity, it must decide as little as possible for the time being.

Against Anglican Myopia: GAFCON, Canterbury, and Lambeth

Anglicanism is good, but it is not ultimate, only provisional. Only Jesus Christ is ultimate, and one day, even if only on the Last Day, all denominational identities will give way to the creedal and confessed one, holy, catholic, and apostolic church.

‘Good News of Jesus’ and Lambeth

Abp. Welby: The world “needs to see it in our actions, envy it in our love together, and hear it in our confident proclamation of the good news of Jesus.”

Witness and Survival

Bp. Love's position could easily lead once again to disciplinary proceedings, turmoil in the diocese, property disputes, resources thrown to the wind, and the collapse of another diocese of the Episcopal Church.

11 Bishops Urge Caution on Sexuality Teaching

“[R]ecent history tragically demonstrates that introducing changes in teaching and liturgy has consistently divided Anglicans globally and within provinces.”

Global Mission Theologians Meet in Dallas

Global Mission scholars gathered in Dallas to exchange ideas and best practices in evangelism and witness.

Lambeth 2020: Anglicanism in Australasia, Latin America, and the Pacific Rim

A study of Anglicanism in Latin America, Australasia and the Pacific Rim shows how the Communion has proliferated and decentralised in the last 50 years.

Lambeth 2020 and the Growth of Asian Anglicanism

In parts of Asia, Anglican churches have grown quickly, had deep influence in highly strategic parts of the world, and may well expand significantly in the future.

Lambeth 2020 and African Anglicanism

Before and at Lambeth 2020, Global North Anglicans need to listen hard and speak carefully about African Anglicanism. New research helps people do just that


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