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Julia Ayala Harris

House of Deputies’ Rift: VP Launches Campaign Against President

The vice president of the House of Deputies has announced an unprecedented bid to oust the president -- highlighting a remarkable personal rupture between...

Council Mulls Selection of New General Convention Officer

The Executive Council's January meeting provided a foretaste of a potential drama over the selection of the next executive officer of the General Convention, who is the third-ranking officer of the church.

President-elect: ‘Look at the Violets in our Church’

House of Deputies President-elect Julia Ayala Harris wasted no time in challenging General Convention on the morning of its final legislative day: “Our time...

Youngest PHoD Julia Ayala Harris Is Eager to Lead

By Kirk Petersen It took three ballots to elect the next president of the House of Deputies, but only one ballot for the outcome to...

COVID May Prompt Major General Convention Changes

Postponement, a shortened schedule, and robust precautions will all be up for discussion at a May 11 online meeting.

Jennings, 2 Others Have COVID After Executive Council Meeting

The outbreak raises concerns about safety at the July General Convention in Baltimore.

Adding Wattage to the Cultural Spotlight on PB Curry

Nearly a year and a half after the Royal Wedding, random people in airports still recognize Presiding Bishop Michael B. Curry. By some estimates, nearly...

Anglican Women Gather in NYC

The 60th Session of the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women meets March 14-24.


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