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john the evangelist

St. John the Evangelist

By John Bauerschmidt I fell into the orbit of St. John the Evangelist quite early, without being aware of it. We share a name, after all;...

St. John the Seer and Opened Eyes

By Charlie Clauss Some years ago I went to renew my driver’s license and discovered I was legally blind in one eye. Fortunately I could...

Tradition and the Puzzling Gospel of St. John

Tradition may be self-correcting.

Ideal friendship? Jesus and St. John

Social media seems to have thinned out friendship. What model does John present, the disciple whom Jesus loved?

John and Peter, patterns of holy life

Jesus’ words in the Gospel today reveal how Peter and John would die, but also how the disciples provided patterns for two different states of life: the active and contemplative.


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