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John Keble

A Classic Anglican Case for Public Worship

By Mark Michael Last week, I expressed concern that the normalization of so-called hybrid worship in our churches may accelerate trends toward “worship switching” among...

The Oxford Movement’s sacramental interpretation of Scripture

For the Oxford Movement, the interpretation of the Bible is inextricably bound up with the doctrine of the Incarnation and the sacraments, so that to neglect a sacramental or allegorical interpretation is in some way to fail to appreciate, or even to deny, these doctrines.

Spiritual renewal, Scripture, and the Oxford Movement: The vision of God

Spiritual exegesis is part and parcel of the Oxford Movement's efforts to help the English church recover her capacity to see and to enjoy the kind of vision of God, which is compellingly attractive, which is the beginning and end of Christian life.

John Keble on judgment before Lent

For John Keble, Lent prepares you to meet your Maker.

Restoring a scriptural imagination in a secular age

We must learn to read the Scriptures again as a history of salvation that implicates our future.

The kindness of Jesus, the calling of Matthew

John Keble sees in St. Matthew an image of the businessman: only concerned with money, day and night.


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