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John Calvin

The Reformation: its legacy and future

Josiah Idowu-Fearon: “As we give thanks for all the blessings of the Reformation, we are also called to repentance.”

John Calvin on Job: Sermons of a pastor

One of the refreshing parts of Calvin’s approach to Scripture is his existential realism — he has a thorough appreciation of the Pauline doctrine that all are sinners, and so he is not afraid to see the heroes of the Bible as alloyed with sin and weakness alongside their better qualities.

The Holy Spirit, Anglican identity, and the Reformed Eucharist

There is no reason for Protestants and evangelicals to be afraid of the epiclesis, the calling down of the Spirit upon the Eucharistic elements.

The good news of God’s wrath

The modern hymn “In Christ Alone” has provoked controversy with its phrase "the wrath of God was satisfied." But there is a better way to understand “the wrath of God,” a way that displays its truth, goodness, and even its beauty.

Churches need incense

Incense may not be a hill worth dying on, but it is at least a hill worth strategizing for. It is a shot to the gut of comfortable, consumer-friendly religion.

Star Wars, play, and story: priestly formation

There’s a distinction between playing the game and knowing the game. Being “right” about the nature of the Dark Side was important for how roleplaying worked, but it wasn’t the point of the game The point was doing the good, given the constraints of the story.


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